It's a Woman's World
Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Lyric Video, Music Video
It's a (Wo)man's World plays with the ideas of relationships. The video takes a chance to connect the ideas of relationships through the different eras. The sexes, motion, music and aesthetic to capture the evolution and empowerment of change through the years, in the span of a minute. 
Through the course of the video, the accomplishments of man and all that man has done to make "everything" is displayed prominently with the word "Man" showing constantly mimicking the privilege and "higher value" of men from the ideas of yesteryear. The climax of the video comes to a collection of the faces of 100 women who's actions and ambitions changed the world for the better. The female atlas character is clad in armor holding up the world in a strong almost effortless yet elegant pose. 
These visuals show the powerful role of women and how "This is a man's world, but it would be NOTHING without a woman or a girl."

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